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Stories of adversity, accomplishment, courage, and just the right amount of
can’t-believe-that-happened to inspire your audience to pursue their own professional and personal goals.


Annie is a best-selling author and international sailor, followed by thousands, and an inspirational speaker sharing her adventures, humor, and insight on topics of work-life balance, opportunity, attitude, teamwork, and the need for new experiences, challenges, as well as failures, in addition to custom talks or break-out sessions upon request.

Send us details about your event, location and date, your group, and your goals and see if our team can help.

I've been told: “You might be just a bit young to be telling others how to live.” But the way I see it, you don’t have to be old to die, and you don’t have to be 

young to live.  


It’s the living—challenging yourself to fill every moment with passion and presence—that’s the hard part. If I can inspire just one person to that end, then I will do it until I truly am old, whenever that may be. 


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