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THE BILLABLE HOUR: Practitioner’s Guide to Hourly Billing

From her first shakedown offshore passage aboard their 1985 thirty-five-foot sailboat in 2013, to a 4,600 nautical-mile Atlantic-crossing on a catamaran in 2016, to obtaining her USCG Captain’s License and notching 10,000 bluewater miles in 2018 from voyages to the Florida Keys, Cuba, Mexico, the Bahamas, the Azores, and France, Annie has documented her and her boyfriend, Phillip’s, journey, both the lessons learned (the very hard, costly way) and the rewards she and Phillip have savored along the way through photos, articles, and videos at  The life of a sailor is not an easy one.  Your boat demands your money, blood, sweat, and time, but she repays you ten times over with a ticket to distant shores and one hell of an adventure along the way.

Go on, check it out!  All the cool stuff below awaits you as well as new daily photos and weekly blog posts if you sign up to follow.  Don’t worry, once you see how eye-opening, heart-pounding, and mind-freeing our adventures can be, you’ll want to hear about them in person.  You’ll be back!

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